Goodbye Images For Leaving College

Expressing farewell thoughts to friends while leaving college will be a hard thing. Though it is hard to say goodbye, somehow you have to do it. For that, we have gathered here some Goodbye Images For Leaving College images pictures, ecards containing the right words and quotes to express your love to your dear ones. By sharing these greetings, pictures, and wallpapers you can make some memorable moments with your college friends.

    Saying goodbye to such a dear friend like you is really painful. But, I am sure that we would soon meet again. Farewell, my friend.

    I have met many people in my life but have come across a few good ones. You are one of those precious people who fill other’s life with happiness and joy. But, the time to part has come. Farewell, my friend.

    Saying goodbye is tough because very few good people come in our lives. Farewell my friend; wishing you a bright and prosperous future.

    Just consider this farewell a temporary phase, because we are parting and will meet again very soon.

    Today is the saddest day of my life. I had never imagined that one day I would have to say farewell to my best friend. Goodbye dear friend, hope to see you soon.

    Make use of this heart touching collection of goodbye e-cards, wallpapers and messages to bid farewell to your college friends while leaving. All the words in the messages are hand-picked ones which will convey your emotion for sure. Download and share these pics to express your sadness. Through these pictures express your eagerness to meet your dear ones soon.

    I had never thought saying goodbye would be so painful. Today as we part I am forced to say goodbye. But, I know, that we would meet again very soon. Till then, goodbye my friend.

    I will always remember the good times we spend together. Those precious moments were the best times of my life. Farewell my friend; hope to see you soon.

    We met as colleagues but as the years passed by we became the best of friends. But now the time has come to part. Farewell my friend and all the best for your future.

    The most dreaded day has finally arrived. The day to say goodbye has come. Hoping that these months pass by soon and we meet again. Farewell, my friend.

    Wishing you all the best for your future. Farewell.

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