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Goodbye doesn’t mean the end. It only means that it is a chance to say a hello to our dear ones sometimes later. Any strong friendship will have some fights and breakups. But be careful that those small fights and breakups do not lead to big separations. Don't confuse the beginning with the end as goodbyes are not the ends. Browse through our Funny Goodbye Images, ecards, messages that can be shared via facebook, whatsapp.

    When I say goodbye, promise me you will not cry, because the day I will be saying goodbye will be the day I die.

    Thank you for listening, thank you for aiding me. And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, I bid you goodbye and take my leave. – Frank Deford

    We have said our goodbyes and gone our separate way but still, things haven’t changed, I still think about you every day, I hear your name mentioned in the crowd and I turn around to see if it’s you only for me to find out its someone else. I sometimes hear my phone ring and wish it’s you on the phone calling, calling to say you missed me.

    You cannot live a life of only hellos, you must get used to goodbyes as well because one thing is constant in life and that’s change and you must learn to live with it. – Frank Alile

    I prefer to hear you say see you soon that to hear you say goodbye. – Frank Alile

    Goodbye doesn’t mean the end. It only means that I will return or see you some other time. Take the sky, for example, the sun tells the sky goodbye when it gets dark only to return the next day once it is bright. – Frank Alile

    When you have got to say goodbye, do not feel much and take it to your heart. You should be brave enough to say goodbye as it is necessary for meeting your dear ones again sometime later. When you have spent a long time with your dear one, it will be so difficult to say goodbye. This collection of "Funny Goodbye Images" help you to convey your feelings of separation in a funny way.

    Don't confuse the beginning with the end, as each end is always before beginning.

    All the beautiful memories that we have made together as friends will be cherished and fondly remembered. I guess we have a lot to keep ourselves busy with until we meet again. Goodbye my friend.

    Fights, girlfriends, boyfriends, arguments, lies – Nothing has ever come between our strong friendship. So a few hundred miles is not going to make any difference either. We are friends forever. Goodbye.

    It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.

    The way I see it, A GOODBYE just means that A HELLO will be coming soon. I hope to meet you again someday.

    We treasure your support and guidance in our career, thanks for the wonderful memories and supports. Wishing you all success in your life!

    Boss, you are a true leader and I salute you for that. I hope I can be as good as you. I am sad that we will not be working again. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

    Funny Goodbye Images

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