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We all knew the famous phrase "It's time to say 'GoodBye'". But it's not so easy as it looks. It's so important to learn how to say goodbye gracefully because we may meet again. We can't prevent the separation as it is the law of life, but we can give a loving, caring, decent finish to the relationship by saying a warm and loving goodbye. Use our "Time to Say Goodbye" quotes images, pictures to share your feelings.

    Spending time apart will make me miss you a lot, but I promise that no amount of distance can ever make our love rot. Time To Say Goodbye.

    I promise to think of our beautiful memories, but never to think of them as the past. Goodbye.

    All this pain and agony of being apart will become worthwhile, on the day you achieve your dreams and make us both smile. Goodbye.

    I’m not mad, I’m just sad. I’m not angry, I’m just gloomy. I’m not worrying, I’m just crying. Time To Say Goodbye

    If love actually grows with distance, I’m going to need a second heart because this one is already full of love for you. Goodbye.

    Sometimes people whom we wish to last forever depart so quickly, but whom we least expect to stay, stay forever with us. We cannot judge the lifespan of relationships. Endeavors and relationships have their own life time, when are over, they are over. That's why we should spend a loving, caring time with our dear ones. Learn to embrace the temporary time that we spend with people. Send our "Time to Say Goodbye" quotes, images that help you share your feelings while you say goodbye.

    It’s amazing how a word as small as goodbye has made me discover love for you in the depths of my heart that I never knew existed before. Time To Say Goodbye.

    My heart is going to bleed every step of the way when I walk away. But at least I will be able to follow the drops of blood back to you. Goodbye.

    If you could actually see my feelings, you’d never say goodbye.

    The only reason I am HAPPY saying goodbye is because I want to see you HAPPY saying hello to new opportunities. Goodbye.

    Just go, just leave… I don’t know for how much longer I will be able to hold back my tears. Time To Say Goodbye.

    Time To Say Goodbye Quotes Images

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